Monday, October 10, 2011


tak ada apa-apa yang bermain difikiran melainkan si dia sejak semalam..
ya, i'm happy and super duper crazy about him..
i really miss...
really really really miss you...
entah kenapa rasa yang terlalu kuat untuk melihat dia..
knowing what, since he move to new house for the last semester
we get far, he too busy, owiss fighting, no skyping like before...
before this, we had it every night and every single time...
then when he left his study, come back for his life at his hometown
we have stop the skyping for olmost 6 months and will be more...
and last night i just asking for the skyping or webcam
i dun care which way you want as long i can see you
but finally we get into fight because of it
and we have no on call for last night...
i want to make you clear on this that i really miss..
"ya, just a week since i met you rite
but you can't caught the way i feel..."
i'm waiting until late morning 
wishing he will make a call
after olls, i left nothing except cry
dearest, i'm so sorry if it keep you so tired by stay besides me
sorry cause put you through the hard time by stay wiff me 

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