Wednesday, October 5, 2011

kuatkan hati

i dun know what running in my head.. this feel kill me deeply.... i really hoping that you're here.. with me.. i know certain things that i can't let it go and you know too.. i dun know how to express oll the way i feel, the way it touch my heart... i try to push in what shape you want but sumtime it can't be.. i try too hard and really-really hard but at the same time it hurt me much more.. i cry inside for those pain, i smile for all words u gave and i admit it is not easy.. not too easy... i do everything, i be everything but 
i'm still NOT your everything!!!

1 comment:

wrotejak said...

this reminds me of myself towards somebody. exactly describing the truth what's going on with me.

p/s: Fiza here. and i'm on my new url ;)