Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and again

it sum bored day
wiff little shine of sun
de memory of last nytemare
it scared me damn..
i keep myself lonely
in dark black room
wiff lots of tears
i cry much much much and much
and fake lips smile
to pretend like i'm ok..
askin fer sumtin dat can give me a spirit
so dat i cud stand again
and keep smile
but it seem doesn't work at all..
and now i'm walkin away
far from my heart
it sound bitch
because u better than me..
it just myself
it just only me
i hate to be dat
i dun wanna sit here anymore
wait fer sumtin not belongs to me
u dun understand
u dun feel wat it is
neva ask me wat...
i dun see de lyte
i dun see de rainbow
de moon away like me
it just a rain without any stars
and i love to pretend soe much..
yes, i'm running from my tyme
running from u too
dat make me hurt fuckin much
it ruin my life rules
it messy me nonstop 
and i like a dumb stupid little gurl..
all de past memory
it remains me every seconds
about wat it is shud be..
de promises makes me wanna scream 
swear, it haunt me
u done much
i do less..

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