Friday, November 26, 2010


dis wat i'm duin in my daily day..
same routine same things..
look at de photograph
watching your last video record
stay up wiff beloved bear
couting de tyme, seconds and hour
recall all de past memories
dream bout you every nyte in my dream
visit your personal page every minutes
reading all de mesage again, again, again and again..
everything bout YOU
it starts wiff YOU too...

i miss his little baby face
miss his voice wen he comfort me
miss de way he looks at me
miss de way he smile at me wiff his beauty lips
miss de way he laugh wen we together
miss de way he talk bout everythings
miss every words, every statements we did
miss his warning wen i said notty words
miss de way he touch my feeling
miss de way he touch my nose
miss de way he pull my ears
miss de way he touch my cheek 
miss de way he caught my notty eye
miss de way he needs me
miss de way he is
and de most thing i miss is 
i miss his smell so much
miss all those things


Infinity Cinta said...

so sweet.. ^_^...

g4dyz.h34rt said...

tengs ;))

miaa said...

sweet love...

g4dyz.h34rt said...

tengs darl ;))

mIss ♡ AtuL said...

alor...so rmantic lorr...
keep up...

g4dyz.h34rt said...

tengs dear ;))
pray fer us oke

mIss ♡ AtuL said...

i alwayz pray fer u dear...miss gadyz..keep up with ur lovely story..

g4dyz.h34rt said...

tengs pretty ;))