Thursday, November 18, 2010


hari kelima dirumah..
fer de three day before..
startin from sunday to tuesday
i'm not duin well wiff my health..
ouh my god, it sick me much!!!

by de way, happy belated eid al-adha
special fer my sweetheart
my beloved family
my fellow friends
and all muslim  ;))

today is my 5th day at home
today i'm gud in health..
but swear, i hurt in one ting..
ouh damn, everybody please congrates to me...

lama jugak tak online facebook, twitter, tumbler and blog..
yahoo mesengger and formspring pun diabaikan..
sorry oke  ;))
by de way, sibling gather make me happy
even not really happy..
and now i'm tryin to be a buzy gurl..
to some of people
sorry, my fone are not available..
not bcoz of line but it is bcoz of me..
it is in silent mood and at my room..
sumtime i left it home wen out 
if de mesage late in reply, sory darl
call not pick up, so please just leave a mesage
i'm gonna hit u guys back  ;))

last but not least
have a nice day..
have a sweet holiday
have a beautiful memory
have a handsome photoshoot  ;))

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