Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my place

bcoz of study week
my study table looks better
semuanya dtempat masing-masing
i like so much  ;))
walaupun agak xtersusun
but overall better than before...
banyak buku2 yang dah disimpan
especially tuk paper yang da lepas (exam)..
so hanya tinggal beberapa buku:
1. administration office management
2. office software application
3. principle of corporate compliance

my little simple table
wiff study notes fer de next paper
cute little bear stick wiff de pen
de cute box alarm clock
wiff glowing color change from him
my picx frame bout people i love
people i adored 
people i miss most

dis my notice board
clear ryte??
just examination timetable
dan beberapa doa penting
no more assignment to submit
no more tutorial to pass up
no more homework to do
no more aware notice
no more study reminder
no more check list  ;))

dis is wat my place looks like
wiff my comfort sitter 
and sum of book under my table
wiff my messy lappy plug and wire
teddy frend box fer little small tings
files and paper box at de back
wiff sum other tings
i love to sit there
wiff my lovely lappy
and all accessory  ;))


herie said...

kemas kot meja study ko... (-_-) jeles2, hehe

g4dyz.h34rt said...

kemas ker??
serabut jer tengok..
dengan wire sane2..
bergantung sane sni..