Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd day of november

tings change a lot
change too fast
likes a weather
likes a month too..
foreva will not stick wiff us
it gonna leave
gonna comes too..
de past are memory
de last are history
de latest are story
wake up wiff de empty mind
and open my last readin page
and start to readin again and again
it is story, a novel story 
sweet and nice flow of story
need to settle a few of tings..
wake up and take a shower
textin him and askin..
well done, lets go baby..
done wiff all tings
tyme to lunch
and goin home hapily  ;))

wiff de boring day
i collect sum of pixc
wiff my big cheek 

wiff my fake lips  ;))

wiff de messy of me

foreva i love myself more than u oke
so plz stop love me  ;))

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