Wednesday, February 9, 2011

single lady

its all about me.. come from myself.. it HURT ME so much wen i can't cope myself in de rite position.. people say wat de stupid i am but people neva noe wat de heart says and wat de feeling is all about.. i'm sori fer myself fer being too bad to you but they just can show up you by saying all words dat may stuck my head each seconds in my day.. de changes happen fer de spirit they give to you but not me.. wat de hell of myself wen i feel they much better than me and they get more attention than myself.. i'm shouting to my heart dat i can get out from all dis messy but i realize how it hurt me fuckin much wen I'M NOTHING without you.. PRETENDING doesn't owiss makes me happy but i keep wondering wat de reasons of all dis.. some things i dun show off fer reasons because de better still in you..  people shout to me: HEY SINGLE LADY, BE STRONG!!!  and i just smiling and laffing to them.. wat de stupid damn of myself wen i noe i can't go through all dis even though i'm a gud actress.. and de started neva show me de end of dis... de promises dat i hold BURN me.. past thing happen doesn't make me happy at all.. de sad and being de bitch gurl was de big wonderfull day to me wiff no doubt.. i run over here and there, hide myself inside my feeling and walk away wiff all de lies and it doesn't work at all.. i really SORI fer MYSELF.. i let people judge me fer all reason of it so dat people can realize how bad i am as a gurlfrend.. i come fer ONCE and fer sure not twice.. i do mistakes again and over again.. perfection neva promise everything in return.. i push my heart to complete all de things so dat you will fine later.. to my mum, SORI MAMA fer de tears i gave you.. tenkiu fer help me to be better even it is so hard, really hard.. put myself in dis place really exhausted me.. 
wishing having a LUCKY life foreva..