Friday, February 11, 2011

i do

i do thing previously in backward direction.. i dun run but keep walking in slow motion. i do pretending and i do confusing too.. i'm smiling and crying at de same time.. i do laffing but i keep lying.. watever it is, i'm still standing and looking fer road.. i learn from past, i keep presenting and wondering fer future.. i do things by my own.. i take de risk fer my life so dat u cud not be de reason anymore.. people say wat supposed of i am wen i got nothing from de existing.. i neva stop even blocking you but i let you go fer de all reason.. i give everything you want and i dun expect fer return.. i keep searching wat de hell of i am fer not being as gud as you.. everything happen fer reason and i trust it.. de music keep playing.. de playlist still running.. 

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