Wednesday, February 16, 2011


raining outside like my heart and it goes same way wiff same tone... it happen unpredicted and it come wiff unwelcome invitation... i remember dat fite, it owiss ther and haunted me eva... two-thirty AM until cannot be count, as everyting was slipping rite out of our hands... i'm crying and keep crying, braced myself fer de gudbye ‘cause dat’s all i’ve ever noe... i sit at de back in de room  fer de tears have been made... i do upset and looked back... stand as a loser make me wat i am today, a brand new of me... you people are one of de reason... sincerely from my heart hard to find, its not exist anymore... they laffing wen i fall maybe happy too wen i away..
yes, i'm not gud enaff...  bring big smile to you is not from me and tings dun came easily now..

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