Friday, November 2, 2012


as i close my eyes and as the moon greets me, 
please come into my arms and leave you with me...
it's been on my mind for a while 
got to let it out from my heart before 
it's too late... 

every time i see you, i smile 
i've said it hundreds of times 
you’re the love of my life 
in the world of lies, my burdened soul 
i only believe in you 
sometimes you get anxious that my heart will change 
i smiled and said nothing like that would happen 
a never ending path, my empty heart 
the only path i’ll take is yours 
sometimes i hate myself when i second guess myself 
today i wipe you away from my life again... 
even if i cheat, don't ever cheat me back 
even if i forget you, don't ever forget me 
sometimes when i don't text even call 
by chance if i ever meet eyes with another person, 
you only look at me... 
you stayed up all night again and waited for me 
you told me with your tears that 
you think my heart changed 
but i said my feelings for you are still the same 
all those nights we were together 
i think it’ll be hard for me without you 
because of you, i find it hard to breathe 
endless struggle, long sighs 
the only path i’ll take is yours 
i hate that i’m starting to get tired of you 
without thinking, i forget you again... 
i know that i can’t make up my mind 
in all of my meaningless time 
like this i become worse, dear 
i want you to stay innocent forever 
this is the truth, my belief in you 
even if you go, please don’t leave me... 
you can't called me yours and you're not mine too..
we just blow each other by winds and warmth relationship...

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