Thursday, October 18, 2012

'when' things

things makes me happy without hardly even noticing it:
when the traffic lamp changes to green after a long time. 
when there is no line at the McDonald's counter. 
when i can have picnic and awesome waterfall. 
when i smell good after shower. 
when i go into starbucks and smell my favy great coffee. 
when i can dance and keep dance especially in rainy day. 
when the radio plays my favy song. 
when i lay into my bed and feel like the day is finally over. 
when the alarm clock rings and i notice it's actually weekend. 
when i can stay up late because i'm free the next day. 
when i've got nothing to do but surfing internet. 
when i notice there is only 10 more days until my birthday.
when i got surprise from you. 
when i get a hot drink and beautiful ice-cream. 
when my feet touches sand and eyes meet the sky. 
when my body starts to move for the rhythm of the song. 
when i got the last macau egg tart. 
when i'm feel the warmth and comfortable. 
when i finally find out what to do on a boring afternoon. 
when i wake up and it's sunny outside. 
when i go through my old pictures 
and remember all those things that happened in the past.

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