Saturday, May 19, 2012


never treat some one like they're second best, 
never get less than 8 hours of rest, 
never tell someone that they mean nothing to you, 
never sue someone who doesn't deserve to be sued, 
never look in the past when your futures ahead, 
never check some one's pulse, 
and still mistake them for dead... 

never drink soda when you have plain water, 
never say that you don't care when you did, 
never trust anyone who isn't yourself, 
never push photos to the back of the shelf, 
and never believe that you can't measure up... 

never think it's empty when it's a full cup, 
never act selfish just when your mother's around, 
never expect for help when you're on the ground, 
and if there is anything you should never do, 
is pretend you don't like him when you love everything he do...

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