Monday, June 7, 2010

hari yang membosankan
like de day before..
oh god, goin craziez...
my hubby?? 
he busy wif his training..
training.. training.. and training..
and i???
still waitin' foe him..  ;)
i like dis...
sayang, love u banyak3...
today xtivity..
wake up foe de morning call..
urrrgghhh... and smile wen i see his pictcha..
long time not see u sayang..
afta dat, make sure my room looks great..
everytin' must tidy..
follow by wash up my body...
my stomach start to sing..
so breakfast is de next station...
makan kat luar jer..
my dad and  mom keje la..
goin to ipoh, order a new spectacle
foe my youngest brother..
back to home and lepak2 suda...
hari nie sihat dari hari2 sebelomnyer
badan pun rase kuat cikit..
cume still xsedap badan jer..
hubby, i miss u...
miss much much much and much la..
so decide to go foe de shopping..
prepare myself as simple as well..
goin by myself, no partner..
teringat kat my hubby..
u not here accompany me dear..  ;(
and ride to shopping complex...
stuff have been chosen are:
i. a pair of shoes
ii. a bag
iii. one casual dress
iv. one t-shirt
v. one black jeans
vi. a bottle of perfium
*sponsored by my mom..
mama, tengs ya belanje..
sayangs mama...   ;)

a new changes have been made are:
i.  new hair cut but still long hair
ii. new spectacles

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