Sunday, June 20, 2010


happy father day, papa
tengs foe all those tings 
u have done
from de start until now
sacrifices everyting
to make me happy
wake up early in de moning
be de family leader
guide and teach us bout life
give and take wat shud and not
protect and survived foe me
tengs foe all de support
de spirit too..
be my shoulder and my arm
wipe out my tears
wif all ur strength
care me wif all our heart
like little baby...
u noe how to makes me smile
wen i fall and fall again
owiz keep me laff
coz u noe how soft i am..
u noe wher de point
of my life begin..
he de best papa i ever had
treat me like a princess
noe wat i tink
noe wat i wanna
noe wat i means in my words
noe wen i hurt
noe wen i cry and sick
even all dis i neva say it
noting gonna changes dis love
and i love u much3...
love wif all my soul papa..

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