Monday, October 11, 2010

day before sunday

menghabiskan masa bersama..
saturday, october 9, 2010
really missed dis tings
walkin at de beach
awak chenta, tengs oke
fer de tyme u spent 
to let me noe u here
owiss here

tengs to 'cempedak bay'
credit to my beloved chenta
fer all de pixtcha
i love it

chenta, love u sayangs
my soulmates
boy dat i adored much
guys dat i fall craziest
men dat i need until de end

dye suke bully saya
dan saya suke  ;))
he care bout me
chenta, love u till de end
fer de rest of my life
i'll be wiff u
i'll stay by urside
onest and true
till de end of my tyme
i'll be lovin' u

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