Friday, May 27, 2011

having the other final week for MAY
JUNE will come soon and i don't prepare much
just sitting in the middle of my heart
listen to my blog melody and crying for everything...
i do great in my beautiful HARD TIME
watching myself fall 
been scold by you wiff ur SWEET words
and it hurt me deeply much
without notice that i am simply lucky gurl 
to have those words...
what the fake smile when it is time for show
on how i stand for the real stupid messy LIFE
hacking my own life wiff full of blame
and walking in my nightmare alone
without leaving a footsteps to others mind....
it doesn't EFFECT me much
but it hurt myself fuckin crazy
to go through on what i have simply got
and holding the empty lost way that i couldn't reach
when i can't find the way back...
people shouting and LAUGHING
what the sorrow sweet MEMORIES i need to keep
when i can't find myself in the darkness
when i lose principle of my own life
in order to complete OTHER life
without knowing i just been fooled...

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