Sunday, September 5, 2010

a week before ramadhan leave

second day fastin wif my family..
and i'm happy here
wiff them..
together we as a family..
do many tings today..
yesterday out wiff de siblings...
kyna, me, akhmal and hakim..
cari baju rayer foe de two little boy..
penat memusing ..
ke sana sini..
kejap ader kaler tapi xde size..
kejap ader size tapi wane lak xmatch..
traffic jam jangan cakap la..
sesak sana sini..
nak gerak, adoiyai...
faham-faham sendiri la..
by de way, my 1st sis are not here..
she need to work foe a few days
before the eid comes..
dun wury sis, we here waitin foe u keyh..

my second day fastin without him
wah, very different
normally he wake me up
and fastin break wiff him too
but now, we are in our hometown
waitin foe de eid come..
ouh dear, nak rindoo boley??

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