Sunday, May 16, 2010

tengs cos understnd dis feelin'
it comes again and again..
keep accompany dis nyte
and i'm walkin' alone through dis moment..
keep lookin' and searchin'..
wats de ryte and wrong..
wher de mistakes begin..
wher de mistakes will ends..
hopin' foe de onest...
i kep strong foe us..
foe me too...
hopin' foe de guidence and support...
to make tyme beter than befor..
to change de past..
to recover de last fall..
wher i ned u to kep me here..
to hold me and accompany...
to look foe de changes
to see all de dferences dat have been done..
to see de great moment than last tyme...
but de tyme not ryte yet..
but still tengsful foe everytin'...
and u here wif me wif my day..
tengs foe de rain...

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