Wednesday, April 14, 2010


feel lonely..
without nothin' besides me..
messy wif de tears..
slow down and i fall again..
keep myself strong..
wif de smile in my face..
and wif all de liars..
like everythin goin' wel...
keep wonderin' foe de truth..
wher can i find de sunshine
if de sky owiz in darkness...
how i wanna touch de rainbow
if de color not ther
wat shud i care..
if nothin' to care in fact..
everytin' just go like dat..
like de rain comin' down..
wif no clues and ideas..
keep rainin' non stop..
until i fall sleep in de frame of window..
waitin' foe de lite..
to cher up my day..
to color my life...
giv me a spirit..
soe i will dance happily..
to make myself better than las seconds..
teach me to shout..
then i wil dare to it...
wif de empty soul...
to keep me standin' in de triumph...
wif no regrets inside..

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