Monday, July 21, 2014

always will not be okay

small chatting with little word always fit me when it comes to u.
i thought after so long, my decision come to end when i decide to get over
but one thing that really make me curious become unexpected answer
when i saw the name at the screen.
it hurt me so much until i couldn't find any words.
no words and i'm bout to cry loudly.
i really wish that i cry that night and let everything goes
so you can see that i hurt badly by all the lies.
at one time when u ask me why i stay with him,
entirely i answer that nobody couldn't stand my me
and now the answer that i don't admit earlier is
nobody will loves me as much he do.
thank you for 'the fault in our stars'
the story really open my eyes and show me the really world that people would and wouldn't.
behind the sickness there still thousand happiness and hope.
behind the fallen there still have million laughter and promises.
and few thing i learn that maybe always will not be okay.


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