Saturday, April 27, 2013

it's okay

it's okay you got a bad grade in studies. 
it's okay you're skinny and don't have beautiful eyes. 
it's okay boys don't whistle or smile at you. 
it's okay that your friends are leaving because 
if they such good friends, 
they'd be sitting with you trying to not make you feel like shit. 
it's okay your parents shout at you, 
their trying their best 
and i don't think they remember how it feels to be a teenager anyway. 
it's okay you feel as though you've lost yourself, 
everybody does from time to time. 
it's okay you're still searching for that missing part of you, 
we all are. 
it's okay to feel alone 
but you must often remind yourself that you're not. 
you must remind yourself that 
you are nice, individual, a replica of nobody else. 

sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past

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